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Sunday, June 24, 2007

Finding consonants in Czech Republic

Finding consonants in Czech Republic is actually pretty easy. Finding the volleyball tournament in Pnov (almost rhymes with the Spanish nino) was even easier. While the driver wasn't holding up one of those signs at the airport, he spotted me and Jack and took us directly to the event hotel, about an hour's drive from the Prague airport. The next morning, after a stellar ham and eggs breakfast, he was there to get us to the site for training.

Don't know yet if we're paying or they are. Gonna assume they are.

Got some good practice in at the site -- 4 nice courts near a river at a volleyball club. Then took a 45 minute train ride into Prague to see what all the hubbub was. Saw the Prague Castle and took sanctuary in its huge church during a thunder and rain storm. Walked into old town for a pretty reasonable meal then headed to the hotel near the tournament site in Pnov. Think of the n with a Spanish tilda over it -- the city almost rhymes with nino. Today starts the women's event and the men's qualifier. Tomorrow is the main draw, which the promoter was kind or gullible enough to put us into. After watching some of the women play, we were taken to a truck shipping company with empty desks with internet access. Hence this update.


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